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Join our campaign to make Sacramento a better place for every neighbor and every neighborhood. Together we'll send a clear message to downtown politicians that Sacramento's greatness is rooted in our neighbors.

I am commited to rebuilding our local economy with good paying jobs, making investments in public safety, launching before and after school programs, protecting our environment and maintaining parks we can all be proud of. Together we can make a better Sacramento!

  • Watch Ali on KCRA 3 News

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  • Ali Cooper for Sacramento – Putting Neighborhoods First

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  • Barking at big money

    City council candidate Ali Cooper is doing something pretty unusual in Sacramento politics. He is taking on the corrupting influence of money in City Hall. That’s probably why big-money interests like developer groups, the Sacramento Metro Chamber and Wal-Mart are spending unusually large amounts of money to defeat him.

    When Cooper knocks on voters’ doors in Curtis Park or Oak Park or South Land Park Hills or City Farms, he launches into an energetic rap about how City Hall caters to the interests of the wealthy and well-connected over the interests of working people, taxpayers and neighborhoods. He is, after all, a professional organizer, who left his job as political director at SEIU Local 1000 to campaign full time. He can be intense. Some surely find his style, and his message, grating. Bites happens to think he’s right.